15890BBSKR10 Prototyping Board Rev 1.0 Stacking Kit for 158mm x 90mm Enclosure


This kit lets you add a second or third level prototyping circuit board to the 158mm x 90mm enclosure prototyping kit.


  • 1    prototyping circuit board (148.0mm x 79.3mm)
  • 8   4-pin 2.0mm pitch Grove connectors
  • 4   12.15mm high black nylon hex standoffs f-f
  • 4   12.15mm high black nylon hex standoffs m-f
  • 8   black anodized steel machine screws for standoffs

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You can add a second or third breadboard to your prototyping project with this breadboard stacking kit.

If you need more clearance between boards, you can combine the m-f and m-m standoffs, effectively doubling the space between boards.

The prototyping board has 770 through-plated pads with 1.2 mm (0.0478") through-plated holes on 2.54mm (0.100") grid spacing in the popular 5-pad grouping. This arrangement accepts a wide variety of through-hole electronic component and modules. 5-pad groups are connected on the bottom side of the board, and connecting traces can easily be cut if required. Power and ground bus rails are also provided to simplify wiring. Holes are through-plated to minimize de-lamination when soldering wires and components. Pads are ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) RoHS plated for longer shelf life, lead-free safety, and easy soldering.

In order to enable you to use the popular Grove modules, we have included pads and 8 4-pin connectors to accept Grove interconnect cables. This solves the problem that Grove connector pins are on a 2.0 mm grid, instead of the typical 2.54mm (0.100") grid. Power and ground pins of the Grove connectors are pre-wired for easy connection to either of the two power rails. Jumper pads are provided to enable power bus bar connection, which makes it easier when you have two different supply voltages (eg. 3.3V and 5.0V).

To make it easier to keep track of your wiring, pad grid rows and columns are labeled on both board sides.

Mechanical Details:

15890 Rev 1.0 Board Layout (.pdf)

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 155 × 100 × 10 mm


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