1159055ESR10 Dust and Waterproof IP65 Mountable Plastic Enclosure – 115mm x 90mm x 55mm


This waterproof plastic enclosure accommodates up to three stacked Hypertronix breadboards.

  • MATERIAL: Grey ABS plastic
  • SIZE: 115mm x 90mm x 55mm (4.54″ x 3.55″ x 2.2″) nominal; Wall-mount footprint  152.2mm x 90.36mm (3.54″ x 5.99″)
  • RATING: IP-65
  • BREADBOARD: separately available stacking kit

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Product Details:

  • Material:  ABS base and lid
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 90mm x 55mm (4.54" x 3.54" x 2.2") nominal
  • Color:  Grey
  • Wall Mount Footprint: 152.2mm x 90.36mm (5.99" x 3.54")
  • Weight:  190g (6.7 oz)

This enclosure is compatible with 11590-series Hypertronix breadboards and modules. Provided the sealing gasket is properly installed, the enclosure has an IP-65 ingress protection rating.

Wall mounting tabs are provided to simplify mounting while maintaining ingress protection.

8 internal mounting bosses are provided to mount breadboards, circuit boards, or other components.

These enclosures can be easily drilled or machined to accommodate cable glands. When drilling, a drill bit specifically made for plastics (eg. PlasDrill) is recommended to ensure a smooth cut.

Mechanical Drawings

The mechanical drawings for this product are downloadable, and can be viewed with a suitable .dwg file viewer.

B-1159055 Mechanical CAD Drawing (.dwg)

Additional information

Weight 175 g
Dimensions 153 × 91 × 56 mm


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