1589064BBKR10 Waterproof Plastic Enclosure and Prototyping Board Kit – 158mm x 90mm x 64mm IP65

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  • SIZE: 158mm x 90mm x 64mm (6.22″ x 3.54″ x 2.52″) nominal enclosure size
  • MOUNTING: wall mounting tabs
  • HIGH QUALITY: breadboard circuit board with power bus bars and Grove connectors
  • ADD-ONS: breadboard stacking kit available
  • BREADBOARD: plated through holes and high quality ENIG finish, standard 5-pad group

This kit includes:

  • 1 - 1580964-P REV 1.0 double sided breadboard circuit board
  • 1 - 158mm x 90mm x 64mm wall mount IP-65 rated plastic enclosure with solid (opaque) lid
  • 4 -  screws to attach lid to enclosure body
  • 8 -  4-pin Grove connectors (2.0 mm pin spacing)
  • 4 -  black anodized pan-head self tapping screws to mount board into enclosure
  • 3 -  PG-7 waterproof cable glands
  • 4 -  2-pin 2.54mm (0.100") header for jumpers
  • 1 -  waterproofing gasket

Breadboard Circuit Board

The breadboard features four rows of 5-pad arrays with 1.2mm (0.047") through-plated holes in a standard 2.54mm (0.100") grid spacing to accommodate through-hole components, separated by power and ground rails.

Rows and columns of the arrays are lettered and numbered, on both sides of the board, for easy circuit documentation.

Up to eight 4-pin Grove connectors can be installed on the board. Grove connector pins have breakouts for easy connection to other pin locations. Grove connectors also have the ground (pin 4) connected to the ground rail, and the power (pin 3) connected to a power rail via the 2-pin jumpers.

Power and ground rails are exposed on the bottom side of the board, and can be easily cut into segments with a sharp X-acto knife. Likewise, the 5-pin groups of pads can be cut as may be needed to suit particular types of through-hole components.

Pads are through-plated to minimize the possibility of de-lamination when soldering wires and components. Pads are ENIG RoHS plated for longer shelf life, lead-free safety, and easy soldering.

Mechanical Details

15890 Rev 1.0 Board Layout (.pdf)

The mechanical drawings for for the enclosure are downloadable, and can be viewed if you have a suitable .dwg file viewer.

B-1589064 CAD Drawing (.dwg)