Hypertronix.com products help you build your electronic projects faster and easier

Start building your prototype right away 

Hypertronix.com breadboards, enclosures, mounting hardware, and cable components let you quickly get started building your next electronics project.

You can focus on wiring your circuit components and modules onto a high quality breadboard, and then mount your breadboard into a waterproof protective enclosure that fits perfectly.

No need to waste time looking for hard-to-find screws, connectors, and other parts. Our kits provide all that you need to get started.



Our breadboards are designed to fit neatly into an enclosure 

Instead of cutting, filing, and drilling boards, we designed our boards to fit precisely into our enclosures. 

We've done all the work to make sure mounting holes accurately line up with enclosure mounting bosses. We even supply the special screws that keep the breadboard secure in the enclosure.



Hypertronix.com  breadboards simplify prototype building. 

Pads are grouped in the popular 5-pad, 100 mil spacing configuration, to accommodate a wide range of electronic components. 

Pad rows and columns are clearly labelled with alpha-numeric identifiers, front and back.

Built-in power and ground rails, top and bottom, make it easier to make power connections, and reduce wiring. 





Our breadboards are easily stackable

For designs that need more board surface area, with Hypertronix.com you have the option of buying a board stacking kit.

Stacking kits include a breadboard, and all of the necessary spacers and screws.

You can put two or three breadboards together, depending on how much room is available in the enclosure.

You can also put two spacers together to double the space between boards.


Hypertronix.com offers a variety of enclosure and breadboard sizes

We keep adding to our product line, to better meet your needs.

If you need bigger or smaller enclosures and breadboards than shown, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.